monochrom #26-34

monochrom #26-34

"Ye Olde Self-Referentiality“



Screws and astronauts / Roundworms and Columbia / Cannibalism at sea / Conlanging 101 / The basic mechanisms of New Economy and Neoliberalism / The sketchy world of elffriede / The status of martial law / RFID / Henry the Halibut / Rieseberg and the emergence of work / Dracula (a poem) / Historicity, temporality, and politics in the cinema aesthetics of Deleuze, Rancière and Kracauer / Or-Om’s call to the children / The problem with social robots / An (anti)history of Rave / The life of a Swiss banker and fascist anti-imperialist / Considerations by Martin Auer / The Stepford wives and stereotypes of putative perfection / Noise and talk / A little potpourri about amok runners, mass homicide and 80s pop songs / Scratching means life / Mae Saslaw’s 10005 / Kiki and Bubu and Orwell’s 1984 / Office Art / A cartoon that makes neoliberals laugh / A rough guide to number stations / The digital age and / Mobile phones and “for whom the SAR tolls” / A call for more science... and giant dinosaurs who bite each others head off.




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edition mono / monochrom 2010

Sprache: Englisch

Vierfarbcover, mit S/W-Abbildungen

A4, 500 Seiten, 1,9 kg

ISBN 978-3-9502372-6-9

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