Screw the System

Screw the System

Explorations of Spaces, Games, and Politics through Sexuality and Technology


Thirty trenchant essays probe the dominant paradigms ruling both the work and play industries in America, illuminating how both mirror each other in their sex, violence and power depictions. We may be familiar with the shadow industry of sex tourism, but have we thought about designing sex for Space Tourism? How about x-rated interactive video games that go far beyond the most violent pornography found on the Internet? Now that we're in the Age of Drones, have we considered how our conceptualization of "love" may have been forever modified? Have we noticed that our concepts of "The Apocalypse" may now be obsolete? Why is there increasing workplace shooting-spree violence, now perpetrated by women as well as men? Disturbingly, we barely seem to have noticed that we've entered the realm of techno-sexuality where old-fashioned Biblical morals are as obsolete as button-shoes. How have the criteria for sexual selection been transformed by ever-innovative technological leapfrogging in our immersive, 24/7 communication enslavement? This book is bursting with troubling questions and ideas, verbalizing what many already feel but are inarticulate to express, and is a wake-up call to all who are not yet fully anesthetized by the new surveillance state status quo.





Herausgeber: Johannes Grenzfurthner, Günther Friesinger, Daniel Fabry

edition mono/monochrom (Oktober 2013)

216 Seiten

Sprache: Englisch

ISBN-10: 3902796162

ISBN-13: 978-3902796165

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