The Knowledge Graph CookBook

The Knowledge Graph CookBook

The Knowledge Graph Cookbook explains why your organisation should invest in the development of knowledge graphs, and most importantly, what recipes exist for developing and integrating them in an efficient, successful and sustainable way.

* Learn more about the variety of applications based on knowledge graphs
* See how knowledge graphs can benefit different categories of stakeholders and users in an organization
* Learn how to build working knowledge graphs and which technologies to use
* Develop your vision of a next generation of enterprise data management where active semantic metadata plays a central role

The Knowledge Graph Cookbook will be a valuable resource for practitioners and decision-makers to take advantage of the many benefits of this methodology, especially the positive impact it has on the implementation of AI strategies. Learn more about this innovative approach called semantic AI.

The Knowledge Graph Cookbook is based on more than 20 years of experience that both authors, Andreas Blumauer and Helmut Nagy, have gathered in the field of semantic technologies, text mining, data management, knowledge management and AI for business use cases.


Autoren: Andreas Blumauer, Helmut Nagy

Verlag: edition mono/monochrom (April 2020)
Format: 200 Seiten
Sprachen: Englisch
ISBN: 978-3-902796-70-7
Preis: € 24,-

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