Change Of Perspective

Change Of Perspective

How to attract non-visitors with artist concepts


For every facet of human existence there is undoubtedly someone engaging with the subject through their artwork. Museums and cultural centers no matter how widely varying their subjects can make good use of and give support to this creative impulse by bringing practicing artists into their exhibitions, spaces, and events that they host.



For instance, science museums may benefit from working with contemporary technological and scientific artists. As a primary area of cultural interest and critique, every aspect of modern science has been and will continue to be engaged with by working artists; there is no lack of intriguing material. Technology museums might work with roboticists, life science museums can collaborate with bio-art makers, and even the communication of classical physics might benefit from engagement with music and dance, which among all the arts are two that are often associated with physics due to their reliance on motion, gravity, air flow, and vibration.





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