Social Web and Interaction

Social Web and Interaction

Social media technologies for European national and regional museums


The Toolkit shows that the social web can be used not only for public relations but also for interaction (museum with visitors, museum with non-visitors, visitors among themselves, museum with other institutions).


With this Toolkit, visitors and other interested persons will be given a possibility to get involved with the museum’s topics, to discuss, to exchange ideas, to reflect on exhibitions, etc.


It offers ideas how to integrate the possibilities of web 2.0 in exhibitions in order to promote more visitor participation.



Herausgegeben von: Susanne Schilling, Günther Friesinger, Susanne Popp

Autoren: Anika Kronberger, Heather Kelley, Daniel Fabry, Günther Friesinger, Kerstin Halm

Verlag: edition mono/monochrom

Format: 120 Seiten

Sprachen: Englisch

ISBN: 978-3-902796-33-2



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